Welcome to the Internet Home of Kiskadden Art. My name is Andrew Kiskadden Boal, and I have been painting seriously since 1994. My art has been exhibited all over the United States and my paintings reside in the private collections of people the world over. In these pages, you will be able to find out more about my background, my artistic accomplishments, and a full cataloge of my work. I hope you enjoy, and if I can answer any questions, feel free to send me an email.

I have also set up a Facebook Page for my art, and I will likely be updating the Facebook page more frequently then this website. So, for the latest, please drop by.

About me

Born in 1974, I have lived my whole life in the US, although I have had the fortune to be able to not only live in several states from North Carolina to Hawaii in that time, but I have also traveled a fair amount to locations outside of the US. Professionally, I am a chemist with a PhD in organic chemistry and currently work on the development and commercialization of cutting-edge water treatment technologies for a small company in New Mexico. I am also married, and my wife and I have three badly-behaved dogs who are always trying to invade my studio...

I work entirely in the town home I share with my beautiful (and tolerant!) wife. Click here to see some pics of where I work

Art Galleries

Over time, I have played with a large variety of styles and media, leading to a huge number of random works. In about 2012, I decided to start focusing on two specific styles for a while, and so works that fall under these categories are the focus of the galleries below. I also have a legacy gallery that contains all of my documented works from 2012 and before (or at least will once I finally get all of the pictures taken!).

2018 Paintings

Description Coming Soon!

2017 Paintings

2017...I can't believe that it's 2017!!! In any case, I am planning on expanding further into new paintings using my "macropointilism" style coupled with some (hopefully) new color combinations. Will probably be mostly abstracts, but I amy continue to work on some "actual" objects in my paintings.

2016 Paintings

In 2016, I am focusing on putting my color study to work in a number of ways, with the most exciting one (to me) is exploring a form of macropointilism. In these paintings, I am using a pointillism approach to paint mainly landscapes (for now) but rather than single points of individual colors, I am using my blended shapes approach to do graduations of colors in the "points". From my first several attempts, it is clear that there is a long road to walk here, but I'm pretty excited about the concept. I'm also doing some raw abstract work as well, and am also excited about learning how to use the new, deep canvases I built last year.

2015 Paintings

Like 2014, there are only a few 2015 paintings. Mainly because I didn't finish the color study until the beginning of fall.

2014 Paintings

Only a few works were done in 2014 since this was the year that I decided to start my color study, which took longer than I though it would.

2013 Paintings

2013 was the year when I decided to focus on the development of my two favorite styles. These paintings are mainly studies of these styles, exploring color combinations and content in a series of abstract paintings.

Legacy Gallery

This is my legacy gallery, showing my work from 2006 all the way back to around 1996 or so...way, way too much time at this point! I will eventually update to include paintings from 2007 to 2012...eventually. These paintings are in no specific order, so please enjoy the chaos...


All of the Images on these pages and within this domain are Copyright 1996-2018 by Andrew K. Boal and cannot be used for any reason without my consent. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property.

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