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I was born in Raleigh, NC, in 1974. My early life consisted of several moves, first to Manhattan, KS, then Indianapolis, IN, and then back to the south when my family moved to Charlotte, NC. I suppose you could say that I spend my formative years split between the Midwest, where I lived until fifth grade, and the southeast, where I grew up and out. In Junior High and High school, I was always taking art classes, but I never took them too seriously (like all of my other scholastic efforts). In fact, as a senior, I had art during the first period, and would skip the class almost every day to get into trouble with my friends and later girlfriend. After graduating from High School, I went on to collage at North Carolina State University, where I intended to major in Chemical Engineering. When I learned that there was a lot of math involved in this discipline, I decided to focus on Chemistry, a science that I fell in love with while taking Organic classes as a sophomore. Well, I started doing research that year and fell into what is now my profession as a researcher in the chemical science. If you're interested, click here to read more about this work. While at NCSU, I messed around with several types of artistic expression, including punk rock, writing, and painting. It was in the last area that I felt I wasnít terrible at, and so started slowly developing my painting style. I started out making my own T-shirts, and eventually moved up to canvas paintings around when I graduated with my Bachelors and started my Masters degree. When my time at NCSU was over, I moved up north to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst to get my doctorate. Simultaneously, my art started to expand as well. Often times, the art was an escape from the stress and linearity of grad schoolwork. In Amherst, I first started to make my own canvasses and settled in on my preferred medium (acrylic) as well. By the time I graduated, my apartment had become a virtual art warehouse and it took an entire 10' UHaul truck to move my paintings to New Mexico, where my first job was. New Mexico has succeeded in capturing a significant part of my heart and soul. There is something about the place- it's a little edgy, still maintaining the frontier mindset, and is a place where people accept you as you are and are not as judgmental as East coasters. And, of course, there is the light out there. Light that is bright in the day and golden at dusk that haunts the landscapes. Well, I could go on and on about the place, but lest just say that I understand how the unofficial state motto is "The Land of Entrapment" although I donít think that it was coined to have a positive demeanor. Due to my job at the National Labs running out, I had to move one. So, I packed all of my paintings up (over 500 in a 10'x10' storage unit in Albuquerque) and moved further west. To Hawaii. Damn! Now, if you really want to be blown away by your surroundings, try living out here. It's like living in the set of any of the tropical island paradise movies you have ever seen. The first six months here, I was just too astounded to do much of anything other than drive around and look at everything there is to see. After that, I got down to work (both at my job and my art) and, in the over two years I was there, had my work exhibited in a number of outdoor venues including the Waikiki Zoo Fence and the Hale'iwa Art Festival. But, Island life can get dull for a Mainlander like myself (not to mention the atrocious cost of living!), so I decided to head back to the Mainland. Back, in fact, to the Land of Entrapment and home of the most awesome food in the country- New Mexico. Back in New Mexico, I worked again for the National Labs for a couple of years before taking a job at a high tech start up company called MIOX Corporation. In the mean time, I met, and then became engaged to, an absolutly amazing woman, Carrie. She is, without a doubt, the love of my life and we share so many passions about the world we live in, including (of course!) art. Amoung the many things that Carrie has inspired in me is a new line of paintings that I have been working on. They take me back to my total abstract roots but add in some of the color schemes that I have learned over the years. Hopefully I will be able to put them up on this site soon, but for now, they decorate our home and thats always good.

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