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Another one of my side projects, I kind of play with doing graphic design from time to time. Mainly, I do this for and as a result of my scientific research. Just like in advertising, it importat for scientific communications (both presentations and papers) require well done imagery to convey the message. So, this is something I have always tried to do well, and in the process, I sometimes do a little stuff on the side desiging logos and such. Here are some examples:

Academic Journal Covers

Front Cover to Advanced Functional Materials, 2004, issue 1

Inside Front Cover to Advanced Functional Materials, 2001, issue 6

Inside Front Cover to Advanced Materials, 2000, issue 8


The logo I designed for the NASA Astrobiology Institute at the University of Hawaii. They would'nt let me use the one with the aliens!

The "At Work" Series

A bunch of Whatever-at-work images. I strated with the artist, and then got a little crazy. I think I like the Martini one the best, but anyway. I might try to sell this crap on Cafe Press or some other such site, we'll see.






Lush-at-work version 1

Lush-at-work version 2


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