Welcome to the Internet Home of Kiskadden Art. My name is Andrew Kiskadden Boal, and I have been painting seriously since 1994. My art has been exhibited all over the United States and my paintings reside in the private collections of people the world over. In these pages, you will be able to find out more about my background, my artistic accomplishments, and a full cataloge of my work. If you are interested in how I pay for it all, click here to read about my "day job". I hope you enjoy, and if I can answer any questions, feel free to send me an email.

Background Info

An abbreviated biography that tells you a little about myself and where my life has taken me.

My artistic philosophy which tells a little about how I approach my work and how I see the development of my style.

Creativity in Art and Science An essay I wrote that touches a little on the interplay in the creative processes I use in both art and my scientific reserach.

My art resume that lists all of my artistic accomplishments.

Pictures of my studios and shows to see how I live my art and work to sell it.

Me (circa 2004) posing like an "artist" infront of two of my paintings

Art Galleries

Click on the links below to see some examples of my work.

Two Dimensional Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting on two dimensional surfaces constitutes the area where I spend most of my time as an artist. I have been painting in this medium since the begining, starting with small, cheep pre-made canvas and crsft paiting and eventually maturing to my current state- hand made canvass up to six feet by four feet in size and using high quality acrylic paints, mainly Liquitex becasue I like the texture and rich colors.

Two Dimensional Acrylic Paintings on Non-rectangular Srufaces

This is an offshoot of my more standard paintings that I have been toying with since about 2001. The idea here is to use a non-rectangluar painitng surfaces which are constructred like a normal canvas except the stretcher strips are assembled in a non-rectanglualr shape. Shapes I have played with include triangles and parallelagrams and I am planning to try our some more complex shapes in the future. The intersting thing about these paintings is that they present a new challange on how to compose the work, and this is a challange I am still working on addressing.

Three Dimensional Acrylic Painting

This is something I have been messing around with since 2003. Growing kind of bored with plain old two dimensional surfaces, I decided to start paiting on three dimensional canvasses. These are made by first constructing a box or other three dimensional strucute such as a box and then covering five or six of the faces with canvas. The final paiting is then done either continously over the entire surface (really hard) or each facce has its own painting (much easier).

Aloha Paintings

These are paintings that I invended during my time as an artist selling my work at the Waikiki Zoo Fence. The idea here was to create a unique form of art for the tourist market, and I hit on the idea of incorporating classic Hawaiiana, in the form of Aloha Shirts, into my paintings. Here, I buy used Aloha Shirts at the various thrift stores around the island, cut them up, and stretch them like canvas over some stretcher strips. I then paint one of my surrealism landscapes over a part of the surface, leaving some of the underlaying print pattern behind. This combines elements of classic Hawaiiana and cutting edge modern art into a unique creation.


Photography is something that I have played with for a while but did not really get into until I lived in the Southwest, where I really developed an appreciation for light. So, I went and bought a nice 35 mm camera and started messing around with some urban and landscape pictures. I suppose my interest in photography really came into its own when I moved to Hawaii. Presently, in the two years I have lived out here, I have shot probably a thousand rolls of film, covering everything from sunsets to the abandonded vehicles on the side of the Kamehameha Highway on Oahu.

Silver Watercolor Prints

This is an outgrowth of the "darkroom" I built in my closet of a bathroom in Hawaii. As I was playing around with making my own prints, I ran across this stuff called Liquid Light, which is a silver gelatin emulsion. Basically, you heat this stuff up to melt it, then coat it onto any surface you want, and then you can develop a photograph on that surface. Really cool. I haven't had too much time to play with this stuff yet, but when I can build a bigger darkroom, you can be I will.

Digitally Reworked Photographs

While I still use film, and to be honest intend to continue to do so, I have also recently developed an appreciation of what can be done with digital photography. Mostly in the area of image manipulation (i.e. selected coloring of pictures and so on) but also in how easy it is to generate prints- whcih is a key aspect of any art business. When I finally get everything set up (negatives scanned, a new computer and so forth) I will be posting my digitally reworked photographs here.

Art of the Electron Microscope

When I was in grad school, I spent a lot of time using the Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). A TEM is the same as a refular microscope, but instead of light it uses electrons to visualize a sample and so can be used to see and study much smaller objects. When you use a TEM, you are generally in a dark room staring at a phospherescent green screen for hours on end, and after a while, well, you start to see things in the sample. Unnatural things that look more like art than science...

Pen and Ink Work

This is something I just kind of mess around with. Kind of stems from my days where I would spend hours sketching geometric patterns in my notebooks rather than pay attention to teachers leactureing about...wahtever.

Graphic Design

Another more or less sideline is my graphic design work. Mostly this is realted to my science work, but I like to toy with logo design and such...


All of the Images on these pages are Copyright 1996-2009 by Andrew K. Boal and cannot be used for any reason without my consent. Thank you for respecting my intellectual property.

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