Kiskadden Art Philosophy

My drive to create art comes mainly from an internal desire to balance the mental processes that dominate my scientific life. As a scientist, I am bound to follow precise rules, rationalizing nature using the force of logic. Strict rationality cannot, however, fully account for the way I feel under an amazing sunset, swimming in the ocean, sitting in front of a roaring fire on a cold winterís night, or in the arms of a lover. I know, of course, that these feelings result from chemical changes in my brain, but I want to believe that life, or at least the consciousness of life, is more complicated that a cascade of chemical reactions. I want to believe that there is still magic in the world. So, I paint. As I continue with my artistic pursuits, I find myself trying more and more to put meaning in my paintings, and this is the result of internal conflict- the desire to impose order and meaning. As often as not, however, I paint just to paint. To transform a blank canvas into a pigment splashed image. To embrace creation for creations sake.

More on how I approach my art can be found in my essay Creativity in Art and Science, an essay I wrote for the collection A Place Called Franklin. This book is being put together as part of the Healing Arts project at the Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield, MA. My first real show was as a part of this program way back in the day.

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