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My photography spans several years and dozens of locals world wide. I work entirely with 35 mm film, and lean towards using more black and white as opposed to color film. I am also begingin to play around with developing my own pictures, a skill I learned in the darkrooms for the Electron Microscope while in grad school. Unfortuantly, I do not have a massive electronic archive of my photography work yet- something that will have to wait untill I have more cash on hand. Hell, as I put this web page together (in 2006), I still have undeveloped film from as far back as November 2004! Well, you can blame that on Hawaii, where the natural scenery is so amazing that I have burned around a thousand rolls of film and it will be awhile before I get it all developed and then organized. Untill then, I have some examples of my photographic work below.

Below, you will find several galleries of my photographic work, and over time as I digitize my photographic collection, I will add the actual pictures into these galleries. Since this proces will most likley take a while, be sure to come back and check out this page occasionaly to see the new(ly scanned) work as it is posted. Click on the link below to jump to the section that interests you, and I hope you enjoy!

Landscapes and Cityscapes


From 2004 to 2006, I lived in Honolulu, HI, and it was suring this time that my photography interests really bloomed. Mainly, it is just too hard not to pick up the camera since almost any direction you look in there is a photographic oppertunity! The beaches, the flowers, rainbows, sunsets, and on and on and on. In these galleries, you will find what I consider the best of the best of this work, and if you would like to buy some of these prints, I will soon have an ebay store for this purpose.


Ever since I first stumbled around Manhattan many years ago, I have loved the urban environment and all of the interesting views that it provides. So, alot of my photography has been done in the places and I have had the oppertunity to spend significent amounts of time in some pretty cool cities and hope to expand this list over the comming years. Here are some of the phots in this series

South Eastern United States

I pretty much consider myself an American Gypsy in that I have now lived in seven states and am hard pressed to find a place to call "home". Or, even, where I'm from. I was born in the south but spend a good part of my youth in the Midwest, so who knows. In the end, I guess that, if I'm "from" anywhere that it is the South, and North Carolina in perticular. Here are some of my pictures from that corner of the world.

North Eastern United States

After graduating twice from North Carolina State University, I move up to the North East. At first, I was very pleased with my choice- the Fall colors in New England are simply stunning. But, then something bad happened. All the leaves fell off and then it got (really reallic) cold and snow was on the ground from November to April! Can you believe it! And, moreover, people love it during that part of the year. Well, to be honest it wasn't all that bad and there is nothing like the silence of fresh snow on a moonlight night when the sky is an amazing shade of blue (Midnight Blue I think its called). So, here are some pics from up there

South Western and Mountian West United States

Still the Wild West and the place that will likely be my adopted home. Big Sky Country where the skys and clouds stretch for hundreds of miles to the horizon.

West Coast United States

If I could afford it, I would live in San Francisco. I really dig on all that the West Coast has to offer but I especially like the weather in San Francisco. Never really too hot or cold plus the comforting blanked of fog from time to time and place to place. I havnet spent to much time north of there, but from the news I have gotten back from freinds who live or have ventured to Oregon and Washington is pretty much all good. As such, I will be traveling to that region of the US more soon so look for an expansion of this section.


Although I have not (yet) spent much time out of the states, I have gotten the chance to see some pretty cool places and hope to continue to do so in the future. Here are some pictures from my various global journies...

Photographic Montages

This is something I am still playing with: the Photographic Montage. I suppose you could say that I got the initial inspiration on a trip to Boulder, CO where I visited my brother who was living there. As we walked around the center of Boulder, he pointed out a piece of art that he really liked, it was four photographs of the monnutains outside of Boulder, and each picture was taken during a typical day for each of the four seasons. I really liked the way that it looked and decided to try to do the same thing with some of my own work.

Artistic Photography

Not Abandonded

Something I did for about a year in Hawaii. If you spend much time driving around Oahu, you can't help but notice all of the abandonded cars. Sometimes they are just left there, sometimes all the windows have been smashed and so much of the cars innards are strewn about the road that it looks like some kind of ritualistic disembowment, and sometiems the car has been torched and the balckend chasis is on the roadisde. I kind of thought it was funny- in a way, that you could see a car on cinderblacks (wheels stolden) and all of the interior wiring torn out on a roadside with a million dollar view, so I figured that this would make a nice project...

Utility Poles

I knkow it seems kind of strange, but I love the geometries of all the wires eminating from utility poles. Especially those that you find in croused urban environments, where the wires like like a web of an electric spider. My favorite? Definatly San Francisco- I think its the Inner Sunset area (but my SF geography is not all that great)

The Backs of Buildings

Another oddball interest- the backs of buildings. Sure, the facades that you see from the street are pretty and have all kinds of shiny things in the windows. Yes, this is where the archatects put all of their efforts since it is the face that the world sees. But, what about the other side. The piles of trash, exposed plumbing, grafiti, and all of the other mechanisms that a building needs to surivive? Is there not art in this as well?


none yet, check back later

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