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Studio Pictures

Studio 362

My apartment/studio in Amherst, Massachusetts


I guess you could say that Massachusetts was probably the first place I really set up a "studio". When I moved up, I decided to stay in a place called Puffton Village, which was one of three student gettos that were all in a row and about a mile from campus. Combined, these three places probably housed a couple thousand unruly college students (they dont call UMass ZooMass for nothing) which made for an interesting environmetn to live in. Every Friday and Saturday night (if there was'nt two feet of snow on the ground) there would be dozens of parties and you could just wander around and meet people and make noise. Typically, the parties didnt stop untill a good amonut of fireworks were set off and when this wasn't enough, the dumpsters would be set on fire. And these are college kids. Anyway, as my time at UMass progresses, my art started taking up more and more of the space in my tiny apartment untill there was almost no room left over for when I had parties! I made such a mess there that I lost my entire security depost when I left, and I think that they probably wanted more money from me but I had signed the lease over to someone else before I left.

Studio 705


My apartment/studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When I moved to Albuquerque, I suddenly found my self making a lot more money that I did as a grad student, and one of the first things I did was get a really nice, large place to live. My apartment was in Downtown at a place called the Alvarado. I had a 3rd floor place with an extra "office" room that I turned into a studio. I was a nice place to paint- had big windows on two sides and was south-facing so was always full of light. It was a great place to work, and in the end I only had to pay out about $200 in damages!!!

Studio 11


My apartment/studio in Honolulu, Hawaii

Well, moving to Hawaii had an unexpected side effect: major sticker shock. Not only was I going to be paid less, but it cost (a lot!) more to live. Basically, when factored together, I took about a 50% pay cut to move out, and sometimes I wonder why the hell I chose to do that. Who konws? Anyway, my place in Hawaii is a tiny ~400 sq. ft. afair that has a small lanai (Hawaiian for porch). So, everything is pretty much slam packed in and after two years, I have a hard time moving around the apartment. Paintings are stored everywhere, on book shelves, packed in big plastic tubs, under the bed. Anywhere there is a spare inch of space. On top of this, I even built a make shift darkroom in my bathroom, that is basically the size of a shower cubicle, toilet, and sink!

In October 2006, I wrapped up my Hawaiiana Peroid. This entitled finishing canvases made for a year in about four monts since I landed a job\ (back in New Meixco) and have to get off the Isnald by the end of the year. I was afraid that the enhanced timetable would mean that the work woudl be bad, most of the paintings turend out OK. Anyway, my place was a mess at the end of all of this work, and this was especailly true when I was photographing what turned out to be over 200 paintings...

Studio 416


My second apartment/studio in Albuquerque, NM

Back in New Mexico (the Land of Entrapment) and also moved back into the apartment building I lived in before. In fact, an apartment with the exact same layout as before so I alread know, more or less, how to set everything up how I like it. This time, however, the spacious bathroom will double as a dark room as I hope to be doing more work in that area.

This time, however, the spacious bathroom will double as a dark room as I hope to be doing more work in that area.

This is what a mess I make when I am in the middle of making new frames to stretch canvas on

And here is the finished product. Note that there is almost no room left in the apartment!

Studio Casa Maria


An honest house gone bad in Albuquerque, NM

Carrie (my fiancee) and I bought our first house. Little did she know that the house was going to end up a studio/warehouse! With almost 2000 sq ft of space and some amazinging light and views, I built the best studio I've ever had. Just as mesy as always, though!

Pictures from Various Art Shows

Wikiki Zoo Fence

Summer 2005

These shows were kind of fun and it was when I got my first real chance to get involved in the Hawaii art scene. The people at the Fence are a real cast of characters, and a day down there was never booring. Plus, the Fence is right across the street from Queen's Beach (near the Diamond Head end of Waikiki) so the view was always amazing. Now, the real problem is that you had to be set up by 8:30 in the morning, and this was kind fo hard on me for a while. Luckily, there was a Starbucks nearby so I could get a nice caffiene fix without much trouble. In the end, it was a lot of fun to be down there, but it just got to be too time consuming for me and I was'nt selling enough (only 1 painting every other day I was there) so I figured it was time to move on at the end of the summer.

Hale'iwa Art Festival

July 2006

Preparing for the show, my apartment was a total mess. Now, to be fair, this is pretty normal for my apartment. After all, trying to fit the about 200 paintings I have done out here into a 450 sq. ft. apartment is, at the best of times, a challenge. Trying to get around 75 of them ready for the show, including adding signatures, hanging wires, and packaging, well it was kind of a fisaco.

But at the show, everything came together nicely. Most of the paintings made it OK through the show and even overnight, where most of us just left our stuff out at the beach (of course, HPD was there in force to keep the would-be art theives out). The only problem I ran into was when a large gust of wind blew the large painitng in the back off it's easl.

Here's me hamming it up a bit.

And afterwords, there was a rainbow and nice sunset!

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